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AC Service in Bay City, Tx : Spring and Summer 15 Point

Air Conditioner Check-up

As part of our AC service in Bay City, Tx. McDonald A/C & Heat offers a Spring and Summer 15 Point Air Conditioner Check-Up to keep your central air working its best.

Regularly $99.00* 

Summer Start up Special $69.99*

Why get your AC checked? Most people don’t think twice about getting the oil changed in their vehicles because the auto industry has educated consumers about the necessity of regular maintenance. However, when it comes to air conditioning in Bay City, Matagorda or sournding county's, people wait until the unit is broken before servicing it. Regular AC service is needed to ensure your system works as it should for as long as possible. An improperly working central air unit can cause an increase in your electric bills, and without regular maintenance you could end up with costly repairs or a replacement bill.

Don’t wait for your central air conditioning to break before servicing. Keep it maintained and help lower your electric bills with an annual check-up.

In a 15 Point Check-Up, we thoroughly check the:

  1. Thermostat for proper function and calibration

  2. Blower motor for vibration, dirt, bearing wear, electrical consumption, oil if needed

  3. Evaporator cooling unit for rust, dirt, Freon leaks, water leaks and proper installation

  4. Drain pan(s) for rust, water leaks

  5. Condensate drain line(s) for clogs and proper installation

  6. Safety controls; such as float safety switch

  7. Air ducts for deterioration, air leaks, air flow restrictions

  8. That the installation is to current building codes

  9. Outdoor condensing unit for damage, clearance, level, corrosion, Freon leaks

  10. Outdoor fan motor for vibration, bearing wear, electrical consumption, oil if needed

  11. Base of the unit and clean debris in the bottom of the unit, as needed

  12. Electrical wiring and controls, tighten high voltage electrical connection's

  13. Compressor terminals, electrical consumption, heat build up, vibration, internal noise

  14. Total system operation and cycles

  15. Freon level for proper charge, using either the super heat or sub cool methods

  • Price for homes with only 1 air conditioning system. If your home has more than 1 system add $40.00 for each additional system at the same address.

  • Receive 15% discount on any recommended repairs.

Free Estimates for new or replacement systems! If you are thinking of closing in the garage, adding a room, getting a quieter, bigger or more efficient air conditioning & heating system, call us. There is no job too small or too large.

We can even install central air conditioning in older homes that did not come with it!

If you need AC service in Bay City, Tx or Matagorda County or sorounding area's, call the experts at McDonald A/C & Heat today!